We don’t know how you spend your days, but we spend ours analyzing our clients’ investment portfolios along with the stock and bond markets.  Every business day and through many weekends as well.

We know you have worked hard for your money and so we pledge to work just as hard for you.  If that kind of commitment is what you are looking for in your investment manager, we invite you to call or come visit Peninsula Asset Management

Private. Personalized. Service.

Peninsula is independently owned and operated by experienced investment portfolio managers. From its beginning in 1982, our firm has provided customized portfolios and personalized service tailored to meet the individual investment needs of each client. Our goal is to help clients identify and achieve their immediate and longer-term investment goals.

To design and structure investment portfolios for our clients, we take into consideration each individual’s objectives, time horizon, tax situation, risk tolerance and other unique circumstances.  Portfolios can be developed with a wide range of purposes, from providing a secure current income to maximizing longer-term growth of capital. 

Peninsula offers equity, fixed income and balanced portfolios for Individuals, Trusts, IRA’s, Charities, Endowments, Foundations and Retirement Plans. Peninsula is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission in accordance with the Investment Advisors Act of 1940 and acts as a Fiduciary for all of its clients.